Setting out for a new life in the west, moving on from an oppressive past in New England, Josephine Swan is almost immediately turned homeward. Now carless and penniless she hitchhikes from Montana to Maine enduring a wild test of surrender and faith. Standing along the the back roads and on-ramps of America, the profound and unflinching generosity of strangers restores her faith in humanity; its divine power to heal. “The Right Car” is her talisman, a prescription for living life for and in a Higher Design; that the perfect help will arrive at precisely the right place and time.

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Private Guiding

Warmed by the Fire is a private guide service for women to take time out, get out, or travel within, chat by the kitchen woodstove or out in the wilds. No-pressure outdoor environments and trips…Wyoming, Montana, Maine, and Washington state. No set plans…we arrange trips together…mornings until noon are devoted to silence.