The Right Car: A Hitchhiker’s Hymn to the Divine in Humanity

The Right Car

The Right Car
A Hitchhiker’s Hymn to the Divine in Humanity

At age 52, Josephine finds herself carless and penniless, hitchhiking home from Montana to Maine, waiting for The Right Car to take her forward. This worldly journey with its hardships and happenstances becomes a spiritual journey—a wild test of faith and surrender and a testament to the best in humanity. Having left her island home in Maine where an oppressive New England family dynamic resisted mediation, Josephine heads West for fresh air only to be turned back as soon as she arrives.

“The Right Car” becomes her talisman, angel, and prescription for life as she stands along the back roads and Interstate on-ramps across America: “The Right Car” will arrive, the perfect help and directive, at the perfectly right time. In fact, and in such a way, all the teachings of her East Indian Siddha master, the same as in Eat, Love, Pray, are put to the test; lessons of surrender, patience, non-doership, witness consciousness, doubtless faith, and love.

With deep gratitude to the drivers, her Guru, and God, Josephine’s journey continues in an upcoming sequel: The Right Driver. Further planned sequels continue to illustrate spiritual teachings of East Indian Scriptures through real-life adventures.

About the Author

The Right Car: A Hitchhiker’s Hymn to the Divine in Humanity
Author: Josephine Waitstill Swan
© 2013 Josephine Waitstill Swan
Softcover, 6″ x 9″, 104 pages, $12.95, ISBN 978-0-9895171-0-2
e-book ISBN: 978-0-9895171-2-6

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